This blog generates an overview about certain aspects of technology automation. We have selected the topic of production and the modern world computer chipping to bring parts of our digitalized world closer.

“Manufacturing Systems” introduces a simple but effective way of facilitating production in this day and age. We focused on Lean Manufacturing because there is a rising tendency towards its use nowadays.

RFID” takes you from the technical know- how through usage and applications to the broadly discussed ethical controversy. There is an incredible amount of information on RFID technology on the web so we tried to shortly cover all bases.

Technology Automation” shows you a more personal approach to our blog. Everyone of us states how they personally feel about Digitilization and the fast increase of technology over the past few years.

Once you have looked into this subject you will notice how apparent it is in the real world.


We are a group of five students who have been assigned the task of approaching Technology Automation in a way that is comprehensive to anyone and that captures peoples’ basic human interest.

Each post can be traced back to one of us (Christiane, Elena, Fabian, Nikolai, Milena) as you can see right below the article. We are still students so take into account that there will be constant changes in not only design and layout of this blog but also in content and opinions. We try to keep it as clearly arranged as possible but nothing is definite.

This blog takes us through a learning process ourselves and we hope that lost google blog search students leave this blog with a little more understanding of the topic than confusion.


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