RFID approaching world

It is easy to find linkages, parallels, judge or shock people when it comes to our favorite topic: RFID chips- ethical dilemma or just a glimpse into our future of a technology controlled world?

As appalling and impossible as an RFID- implant sounds or rather looks like we shouldn’t forget one thing though: Technology in the human body is nothing new to us. Every day thousands of pacemakers, screws or wires are placed carefully in our systems. So what attracts so many people to post and watch videos about RFID implants then? It is a strange assembly of reasons. First of all, people are naturally drawn to showings of anything that cuts into the human body. It is a combination of fascination and disgust that tantalizes us.  Then, and this reason is much more important, watching someone giving up a part of their body for a technical device that isn’t even necessary in the first place is even more intriguing and even more repellent. Especially when having in mind what this little act, this little cut stands for. It stands for a life of a new level of simplicity and a new level of control. And, to be a little overdramatic, it seems like those people are giving up part of their basic human rights. They hand it over to a transponder. To a machine.

It is strange that in a time in which privacy has become such a talked- about topic, in which several countries are still fighting for those few human rights people are willing to give up part of it in exchange for a little more simplicity and pragmatism.

By revealing so much information all at once RFID chips are an easy goal for misuse. Someone could track your every move. Record where you live, where you shop, where you go to eat. While thinking about that very sentence I came across another analogy that stuck with me. In Germany there was a time when people indeed were tracked secretly. They didn’t have the help of high- tech machinery but were backed up by the socialist regime in the GDR. Is this what it will come down to again? But this time on an infinitely more accurate and intimidating level.

People also like to refer to the book 1984 by George Orwell in the context of RFID. The story is set in a totalitarian world in which every member of the working class is literally monitored. Everyone should read that book to see the parallel for themselves.

There are so many stories, assumptions and threats that revolve around those four letters. It is hard not to let the passion for one position or the other captivate you.



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