Chipped at Workplace

The first US business to use microchip implants for its employees is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is called City Watcher. The company provides video surveillance for clients and for the police. The video that it collects is the company`s biggest asset and they say they need to keep it under more than just lock and key.


You my have a key card at work that allows access to different parts of the office, a lot of businesses have those. But at City Watcher there is one particular room where you need whether the implanted chip in your arm or a key chain. And the choice is up to the employee. Some employees of the City Watcher got implants and the others decided not to as they think it is “creepy to have something under your skin the entire time”.
And the ambassadors of RFID say it does not bother them and it is not track able. 


Like it or not we are in that brand new world and it might not be long (maybe even by the time we graduate) before your boss is literally under your skin.


For the stubborn ones here is the video of how an RFID  is implanted. 
No children or sensitive people, please. 




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